Putting "the HER in HER-sute," Little Bear Schwarz took the Pacific Northwest by storm in 2014 upon showing up at a Seattle Beard a REAL LIFE bearded woman. 

What they did not know is that Schwarz also came with several years of singing experience & training in the mediums of Opera, Classical, Choral, Showtunes, Early Music, and even Pop & Jazz. 
She briefly joined sideshow troupe Wreckless Freeks, performing feats of strength & pain.

Since then, she made a name for herself as both a songbird (songbear?) performing in various variety shows in Seattle, Portland OR, Eugene OR, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, and as a writer & activist for "Proudly Strange Women" doing public & panel speaking and blogging about her everyday experiences as a bearded woman. 
You may have seen her guest star on STARZ Network's "Blunt Talk," and with Wreckless Freeks on Mtv's "Promposal." 
Little Bear was trained on Long Island, NY, by baritone David Signorelli Sr., and soprano Irene Seubert. 

She currently lives with her fiancé Tobias & her cat, Shadow, in Tacoma, WA.